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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Prequel from the Manual

Long ago in the inner reaches of Hyrule, an evil wind sorcerer known as Vaati began kidnapping beautiful young maidens, one after another.

Nobody could stop Vaati, and the people of Hyrule despaired. Then, a brave young wanderer carrying only a single sword appeared.

When the young lad took out his sword, he split into four separate beings. The legends say that these four beings worked as one and defeated Vaati.

The wanderer, united once again, imprisoned Vaati deep in Hyrule and sealed the prison with his own sword. This place became known as the Realm of the Four Sword.

After that, a long time passed.

Then, the wind sorcerer Vaati broke out of his prison and then snatched Princess Zelda of Hyrule.

Zelda's childhood friend, a young boy named Link, claimed the strange power of the Four Sword and fought Vaati fiercely. In the end, he succeeded in sealing Vaati away once again.

And so, peace was restored to Hyrule once again.

Or so everyone thought...


On a stormy day an ominous cloud covers the land of Hyrule, filling the people with fear. Princess Zelda begins to worry that the seal placed upon the Wind Mage Vaati at the end of Four Swords is failing. She invites her childhood friend Link to accompany her while she checks upon the seal with the six Shrine Maidens.

With the help of the Maidens Princess Zelda begins to summon a portal to the Four Sword Sanctuary. Before they are able to enter the portal a dark figure that resembles Link appears. This shadowy figure seals the six maidens and Zelda inside dark crystals, before disappearing back into the portal to the Sanctuary. Left with no choice Link gives pursuit to the kidnapper.

After arriving at the Sanctuary the Shadow Link taunts Link into drawing the Four Sword, splitting Link into four different colored copies of himself. At the same time the seal on Vaati was broken, allowing the evil Wind Mage make his way back into this world. The four Links are then swept away by Vaati's magic before being able to give chase to Shadow Link.

The Links are then awoken by Kaepora Gaebora who informs them what happened and tells them what they must do. The first objective is rescue the six maidens who are locked away in different areas of Hyrule. Shadow Link has spread chaos across Hyrule, transporting villages to the Dark World and setting them on fire. To release the dark seals placed by Vaati and defeat Shadow Link the four Links must collect force gems in order to power up the Four Sword and grant it the power to repel evil.

Hyrulean Adventure

After swimming through Lake Hylia and making their way through the Cave of No Return the four Links rescue the Green Maiden located in Hyrule Castle. The Maiden informs the Links of the four Royal Jewels which are needed to reach the Realm of the Heavens where Princess Zelda is being held. The Jewels were divided among four Knights of Hyrule who were known to have valiantly defended Hyrule. These Knights have mysteriously disappeared and the location of the Jewels is unknown.

Proceeding through Eastern Hyrule and Death Mountain the Links continue to rescue the Maidens in search of the Knights of Hyrule. While exploring The Field in the fourth level the Links come across a Big Dark Stalfos who is actually the Blue Knight of Hyrule. After saving him the Links are presented with the Blue Jewel. The Links are informed that the Knight was cursed and transported to the Dark World by Vaati and his Shadow Links.

The Links then manage to find the Green Jewel near Kakariko Village and the Red Jewel shortly after the Desert of Doubt. Inside the Pyramid it is revealed that Vaati is not the mighty foe behind all of the chaos, but rather someone is using him for their own means. They find the Mirror used to produce the Shadow Links is missing, along with a very powerful Trident. Along with information received from the Gerudo Tribe, the Links learn that a man named Ganondorf left the village and stole the Trident in an attempt to make himself the King of Darkness.

After collecting the Purple Jewel and rescuing the remaining Maidens, the Links reach the Tower of Winds and rescue Princess Zelda. Using the Tower of Winds to access the Realm of the Heavens the Links find the Dark Mirror deep inside The Dark Cloud and stop it from producing more Shadow Links. Princess Zelda then creates a bridge allowing access to Vaati's lair, the Palace of Winds.

At the top of the Palace of Winds the Links find Vaati and defeat him once and for all. Without Vaati's magic to sustain it the Palace begins to collapse and the Links along with Zelda quickly escape to the Tower of Winds. Before they escape the floor crumbles below them and they fall into a dark room. Ganon, using the power of the Trident begins the final fight with the Links. After freeing Zelda from Ganon's grasp the Links use Zelda's and the Maiden's power to defeat Ganon and seal him within the Four Sword.

In the aftermath the Links place the Four Sword back in its pedestal at the Four Sword Sanctuary, and the Maidens form a barrier around the sword so that it will never be touched again. Outside the castle celebration and peace are at hand, and the sole Link is treated as a hero.