Spiritual Stones

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Spiritual Stones
Spiritual Stones.png



Great Deku Tree's Meadow (Kokiri's Emerald)
Death Mountain Trail (Goron's Ruby)
Zora's Fountain (Zora's Sapphire)


Opening the Door of Time inside the Temple of Time



The Spiritual Stones are a set of collectible items in Ocarina of Time. They are required to progress through the game and the story. The stones are obtained in the first part of the game while Link is still a child, one after each of the first three dungeons. After collecting the Kokiri's Emerald, Zelda tells Link that he must collect the remaining two stones in order to open the Door of Time and stop Ganon from obtaining the Triforce.

Kokiri's Emerald

Main article: Kokiri's Emerald

The first stone is given to Link before leaving Kokiri Forest. The Great Deku Tree entrusts Link with the emerald after he defeats Queen Gohma and lifts the curse on the forest's guardian deity. This stone was incorporated into Zelda's prophetic vision of a boy arriving from the forest to help stop Ganon, and served as proof to her that she could trust Link.

Goron's Ruby

Main article: Goron's Ruby

For his second stone, Link must appeal to Darunia of the Gorons. However, Darunia won't hand out this stone to just anyone. He asks Link to help out with their problems involving Dodongo's Cavern first in order to gain his gratitude and become a sworn brother.

Zora's Sapphire

Main article: Zora's Sapphire

The keeper of the Zora's Sapphire is the Zora princess Ruto. When Link arrives at Zora's Fountain, he learns that Ruto has been swallowed by Lord Jabu-Jabu. Inside, Ruto informs Link that she is looking for the Zora's Sapphire, which the guardian deity swallowed while she was feeding it. After rescuing her from Barinade, she agrees to give Link the sapphire. The Zora's Sapphire also serves as an engagement ring, passed down by the Zora Royal Family, meaning Link and Ruto are now engaged! However, Ruto is unable to follow through due to being awakened as the Water Sage.