Temple of Time: Ranger

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Temple of Time: Ranger
Retaking the Temple of Time
Link's Crossbow Training 7-3 - Practice title.png





Game Type

Ranger (Free Movement Combat)





Defeat all 18 Lizalfos

" Move using the Control Stick, and defeat the 18 Lizalfos. "

— In-Game Description

Temple of Time: Ranger (Retaking the Temple of Time in the European/Australian version) is the third and final stage of Level 7 in Link's Crossbow Training. It is a "Ranger" stage played in third person, where Link can be seen by the player, and can move freely throughout the area.

The primary targets are 18 Lizalfos scattered throughout the stage. Some are unarmoured, and are stunned by the first shot (10 points × multiplier) and killed by a second (100 points × multiplier) while stunned. Others wear bone helmets, which can be destroyed with a well-placed shot (50 points × multiplier). All helmeted and some unhelmeted Lizalfos carry shields - shots blocked by a Lizalfos shield are only 1 point × multiplier (although do increase the multiplier itself), or a well-placed shot can destroy the shield itself (50 points × multiplier). Charge shots can kill directly, for 100 points × multiplier.

Several rooms have Beamos, whose lasers are relatively easy to dodge, but can be shot in the eyes for 100 points. The final room has Keese flying around, including some (glowing green) which give 100 automatic crossbow rounds - using these can make it hard to maintain a multiplier.