Gerudo Stalfos: Defender

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Gerudo Stalfos: Defender
Gerudo Stalfos Ambush
Link's Crossbow Training 1-2 - Practice title.png





Game Type

Defender (Fixed Combat)

Time Limit

60 seconds




"Shoot the Stalfos as they rise from the desert sand. Don't let yourself get surrounded!"

— In-Game Description

Gerudo Stalfos: Defender (Gerudo Stalfos Ambush in the European/Australian version) is the second stage of Level 1 in Link's Crossbow Training. It is a "Defender" stage played in third person, where Link can be seen and can rotate 360° to react to threats visible on his radar, but cannot move from the spot.

Stalfos continually rise from the sand throughout the stage. If Link is hit by one, he loses 100 points and his ongoing score multiplier. Shooting a shielding Stalfos only earns 10 points as standard, but increases the score multiplier. Some of the larger Stalfos glow green - killing these results in Link's crossbow being upgraded to fully-automatic for 100 shots. While this can make clearing a group of Stalfos easier, it also makes it harder to maintain the score multiplier.