Zora River Target Practice

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Zora River Target Practice
Zora's Waterfall Challenge

"Take careful aim as the targets fall down the waterfalls, and blast away!"

— In-Game Description

Zora River Target Practice (Zora's Waterfall Challenge in the European/Australian version) is the first stage of the fourth level of Link's Crossbow Training. 60 seconds long, with 20 seconds for each of the three sections, it is set in the external portion of Zora's Domain, the source of Zora's River, from Twilight Princess.


This stage is broken up into three sections, all of which are presented in a first-person perspective. An alternate third section, with higher-value targets, is triggered by shooting the scarecrow's body eight times, then its' (now-giant) head in both of the first two sections. The scarecrow only appears in the second section if this is done in the first.


Zora River Target Practice section 1 - LCT.png


Zora River Target Practice section 2 scarecrow - LCT.png



Zora River Target Practice section 3a - LCT.png


Zora River Target Practice section 3b - LCT.png