Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger

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Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger
Snowpeak Ruins Encounter
Link's Crossbow Training 6-3 - Practice title.png





Game Type

Ranger (Free Movement Combat)




" Move using the Control Stick, and defeat the 25 Chilfos. "

— In-Game Description

Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger (Snowpeak Ruins Encounter in the European/Australian version) is the third and final stage of Level 6 in Link's Crossbow Training. It is a "Ranger" stage played in third person, where Link can be seen by the player, and can move freely throughout the Snowpeak Ruins from Twilight Princess.

The primary targets are 25 Chilfos scattered throughout the stage, each of which will block the first - and sometimes subsequent - shots at them if they have their spear in hand. Shots blocked thus score only one point, but do increase the score multiplier. A successful Chilfos kill is 100 points times the current multiplier. Ice Keese score 30 points times the current multiplier.