Fruit Balloons

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"Shoot the fruit balloons as they float into the air. Consecutive hits boost your score!"

— In-Game Description

Fruit Balloons is the second stage of Level 3 in Link's Crossbow Training. It is played in first person from the Observation Deck overlooking Castle Town Central Square and Hyrule Castle, where Link must target the titular fruit balloons which appear in the sky.

Fireworks are shot from Hyrule Castle, which expand into watermelon balloons. When Link shoots these, they split into three orange balloons. Of the three oranges, one will split into four strawberry balloons. All drift slowly away from the point at which they spawn, and eventually despawn if not hit. Through the sequence, each gives ascending base point values:

  • Watermelon: 10 points per balloon
  • Orange: 20 points per balloon
  • Strawberry: 50 points per balloon

In addition, meteorites periodically appear in the sky. These are worth a base 300 points.

All balloons' and meteorites actual point values increase with combo multipliers, where all shots in the sequence hit a valid target, raising the actual score to (base value)×(number of successful consecutive shots).

Other targets include a Scarecrow directly behind Link, and four barrels in the Castle Town Central Square below, a random one of which contains a rupee. None of these contribute to the multiplier or trigger any other events, and are unlikely to be worth taking the time to target.