Fossil Stallord Battle

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Fossil Stallord Battle
Link's Crossbow Training Finale 3 - Practice title.png


Finale 3/F-3


Game Type

Ranger (Free Movement Combat)



" It's the final battle! Crush the Fossil Stallord before time runs out! "

— In-Game Description

Fossil Stallord Battle is the third and final stage of the Finale Level in Link's Crossbow Training. It is a "Ranger" stage played in third person, where Link can be seen by the player, and can move freely throughout the area.

There is only one opponent, the giant "Fossil Stallord" boss, although it occasionally releases smaller enemies as attacks. The fight plays out very differently from the Stallord boss fight from the Twilight Princess Arbiter's Grounds. Link must target highlighted weak points on the Stallord, causing it to open another weak point for attack and eventually crumble, until it is defeated.