Zora River: Defender

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Zora River: Defender
Battle on Zora’s River
Link's Crossbow Training 2-2 - Practice title.png





Game Type

Defender (Fixed Combat)




"Shoot enemies from your canoe. You can shoot any projectiles the Toadpolis spit at you."

— In-Game Description

Zora River: Defender (Battle on Zora’s River in the European/Australian version) is the second stage of Level 2 in Link's Crossbow Training. It is a "Defender" stage played in third person, where Link can be seen travelling down Zora's River in a canoe, and controlled to aim at the enemies and targets as he passes

Through much of the stage, Toadpolis emerge from the river and, if not shot in time, spit rocks at Link. Red Tektites also appear. If a projectile or Tektite hits Link, he loses 100 points and his score multiplier.

Numerous yellow and red jars are hung throughout the river, some of which contain Rupees. A scarecrow is also available on Link's right between approximately 51 and 43 seconds.