Goron Target Practice

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This article is about the Link's Crossbow Training stage. For the minigame from Spirit Tracks, see Goron Target Range.
Goron Target Practice
The Gorons’ Target Game

" Consecutive hits boost your score! If you hit targets marked with Xs, you'll lose points. "

— In-Game Description

Ordon Target Practice (The Gorons’ Target Game in the European/Australian version) is the first stage of Level 2 in Link's Crossbow Training. Set in Goron City from Twilight Princess, it is 60 seconds long (20 seconds for each of the three sections), and played in first-person. The music that plays during this stage is the Goron theme from Twilight Princess.


This stage is broken up into three sections, all of which are presented in a first-person perspective.


Goron Target Practice section 1 - LCT.png

Three Gorons stand on a rocky shelf; each will periodically roll and place a target on their bellies. A red target is worth 10 points, or 30 for a bull's-eye; green/gold targets 50 or 150, and blue Xs are minus 100 points and the loss of the current score multiplier. The faster the non-X targets are cleared, the quicker the next set of targets will roll up, and the more potential points can be gained.

A fairy or rupee is randomly concealed in one of the jars or barrels behind for up to 1000 points.


Goron Target Practice section 2 - LCT.png

Five Gorons stand in two rows, but otherwise this section follows the same rules as the first.

A rupee is concealed in the large jar on the upper right.


Goron Target Practice section 3 - LCT.png

Seven Gorons stand at increasing distances from Link - accurately shooting the farthest targets may be difficult without the use of the zoom function. Otherwise, once again, the basic rules are the same.

A scarecrow is positioned to the right of the screen, for up to 1008 points.