Hero's Bow

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Hero's Bow
Hero's Bow MM.png The Hero's Bow from Majora's Mask



Majora's Mask
Woodfall Temple

The Wind Waker
Tower of the Gods

Twilight Princess
Goron Mines


Killing far-off enemies
Activating Eye Switches



The Hero's Bow is a recurring Bow in The Legend of Zelda Series. It is basically a classic Bow & Arrow, that has appeared in three games to date, with the most recent one being Twilight Princess.


Majora's Mask

The Hero's Bow in Majora's Mask is recieved in the Woodfall Temple. It is the reward for defeating the Mini-Boss of the Dungeon, a Dinofol. It comes with the Quiver, an Arrow-holding item that stores up to 30 arrows at a time.

Each Dungeon will reward Link with a special type of arrow that he can use with his Hero's Bow. These arrows include Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Light Arrows.

Wind Waker

Link gets the Hero's Bow in the Tower of the Gods, where it is guarded by a Darknut. Defeating the Darknut will give Link access to the Treasure Chest that contains the Hero's Bow.

Throughout the game, Link can collect three special arrows to fire with the Hero's Bow: Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Light Arrows.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Link collects the Hero's Bow in the Goron Mines after defeating the Mini-Boss, Dangoro. The bow comes with the Small Quiver, which can only hold up to thirty arrows. This Bow is basically un upgrade to the Slingshot, as it shoots farther and deals more damage than Link's other projectile weapon.

Bomb Arrow

Main article: Bomb Arrow

A special feature of the Hero's Bow in this game is that it can now be combined with Bombs to shoot Bomb Arrows. These deadly, explosive projectiles will blow up the first object it hits; making getting high up Heart Pieces taht are guarded by large rocks a piece of cake.