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So, here's my sandbox. I think I'll be using it to play with the main page.

Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Wiki!
a The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia which anyone can edit.

Zelda Dungeon Wiki is designed to create in-depth articles containing information about each aspect of the Zelda universe. Since its launch in 2011, this Wiki has grown to provide detailed information to compliment the walkthroughs on the main website.

This is a project to which anyone can contribute. The only requirement is that you make an account. Learn more about the project here.

We have 10,386 articles about various Zelda topics, ranging from character information to guides within the games.

Getting Started
If you would like to start contributing but don't have a specific project in mind, head over to our Current Projects page to see where we currently need the most help. Other suggestions include: If you need any help editing the wiki, you can read the Help pages and try out what you've learned in the Sandbox. If you need any additional help, or are just confused about an aspect of the wiki, feel free to contact any of our admins.
  • 12/28/20 - Today we reached a pair of huge milestones: 10,000 articles and 25,000 images! Thank you to everyone who's helped us build up this massive database of Zelda knowledge!
  • 12/11/20 - New Administrator: Sanityormadness has made a huge impact to the wiki since joining earlier this year and we're pleased to announce that he will be joining the administration team.
  • 11/30/20 - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was recently released! Thanks to our hardworking editors, we have been creating new pages for this game. Please help us continue updating our content!
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Marin is a character in Link's Awakening. She is the daughter of Tarin and lives in Mabe Village on Koholint Island. Marin is a girl with a mischievous side who likes to sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish and enjoys staring at the ocean.[1][2] Unlike the other inhabitants of Koholint, she dreams of seeing the world beyond their island.[3] She also bears a striking resemblance to both Malon and Princess Zelda.[4][5] When Link washes up on the beach, Marin discovers him and brings him back to her house, taking care of him until he wakes up.[6] (more...)
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At the Forsaken Fortress, the Hero of Winds is hard-pressed by a large group of Miniblins in this scene art from The Wind Waker.

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Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Wiki!
a Legend of Zelda encyclopedia which anyone can edit,
built to complement the Zelda Dungeon Website,
with 10,386 articles.

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This is a Wiki that anyone can edit. The only requirement is that you make an account.

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