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So, here's my sandbox. I think I'll be using it to play with the main page.

Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Wiki!
a The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia which anyone can edit.

Zelda Dungeon Wiki is designed to create in-depth articles containing information about each aspect of the Zelda universe. Since its launch in 2011, this Wiki has grown to provide detailed information to compliment the walkthroughs on the main website.

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The Elde Inn[1] is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. It is the local hotel of Kakariko Village. It has two floors; the bottom floor consists of a small kitchen to the left of the main entrance and the main lobby, and the top floor consists of one room with a wardrobe and multiple beds spread across the room. According to a sign outside the inn, rooms cost 100 Rupees a night and include a continental breakfast and access to the Kakariko Hot Spring for free.[1] (more...)
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With the Triforce in the center surrounded by the Crests of the Goddesses, the pattern found on the Gate of Time displays its connection to the Golden Goddesses. The crests also reflect the Sacred Flames Link must find before opening the gate.

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Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Wiki!
a Legend of Zelda encyclopedia which anyone can edit,
built to complement the Zelda Dungeon Website,
with 7,494 articles.

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