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  • 12/28/20 - Today we reached a pair of huge milestones: 10,000 articles and 25,000 images! Thank you to everyone who's helped us build up this massive database of Zelda knowledge!
  • 12/11/20 - New Administrator: Sanityormadness has made a huge impact to the wiki since joining earlier this year and we're pleased to announce that he will be joining the administration team.
  • 11/30/20 - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was recently released! Thanks to our hardworking editors, we have been creating new pages for this game. Please help us continue updating our content!

  • 3/16/17 - New Patroller: Please welcome Thortok2000 to the Patroller staff. He is going to be helping maintain quality standards on new Breath of the Wild content.
  • 2/14/17 - New Patroller: Please welcome BlackRayquaza98 to the Patroller staff. He'll be helping to ensure quality standards are met as the community updates the wiki with new Breath of the Wild content.
  • 5/11/16 - Featured Article: Elde Inn - We have our very first featured article based on a location rather than on a character or enemy. Please remember to nominate and vote for articles and images so they can be featured on the main page.
  • 10/22/15 - Happy Birthday! Today is Zelda Dungeon Wiki's 4th birthday, and at long last we've reached the 5,000 article milestone! Editing has slowed with no major releases so far this year (we hope to change this starting with the release of Tri Force Heroes tomorrow), but we're still running strong with over 78 million page views.
  • 12/10/14 - New Patroller: Please welcome Satam to the Patroller staff. As a long-time autopatrolled contributor, he's a great resource for keeping things orderly and looking professional.
  • 10/22/14 - Happy Birthday! Today is Zelda Dungeon Wiki's 3rd birthday, and we're celebrating by launching a community Gold Skulltula hunt. This will help us fill out our new Hyrule Warriors content pages. Some stats: at 50 million page views, we've doubled the number since last year! We also have over 4,500 articles and over 11,000 images. Can we get to 5,000 articles next year?
  • 10/16/14 - New Patroller: Please welcome Justac00lguy to the Patroller staff. Recognizing his high quality edits and dedication to maintaining a high standard of quality on the wiki, he was promoted to patroller and will be helping keep things orderly and looking professional.
  • 7/27/13 - New Administrator: Fused shadows (talk) has been an active force in this wiki's development since its birth in October 2011. Promoted to Patroller over a year ago in June 2012, his dedication and reliability make him the perfect candidate to join the Admin team.
  • 7/10/13 - New Patroller: Please welcome Curmudgeon (talk) to the Patroller staff! In recognition of his dedication and quality edits, he has also been made a Wiki Scribe on the forum.
  • 6/13/13 - Contributor Recognition: Justac00lguy - As thanks for his outstanding and continuous contributions to ZD Wiki, Justac00lguy has been awarded the rank of Wiki Scribe on the forum!
  • 5/6/13 - Featured Article: BowWow - Thanks to all the contributors who helped make this page a fantastic example of a quality article. Remember to nominate and vote for articles and images so they can be featured on the main page.
  • 4/13/13 - New Patroller: Please welcome Heroine of Time (talk) to the Patroller staff! She'll be helping us keep an extra pair of eyes on new edits.
  • 4/8/13 - Our Revamped Infobox Template now comes in color! It's also been consolidated into one template with dozens of available parameters, so you don't need to create new Infobox templates for specialized uses. Please use {{Infobox}} instead of the various [[Infobox Templates]], and also consider helping us convert our articles to the new usage.
  • 4/1/13 - New Patroller: Please welcome Odd300 (talk) to the Patroller staff! He'll be helping us keep an extra pair of eyes on new edits.
  • 2/1/13 - The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is out in the US. The article for this book could use some serious attention. Information from the book will also be very helpful for contributing to other articles.
  • 12/25/12 - Merry Christmas! In addition to the usual celebration, we'd like to recognize three special contributors today: A Link In Time, Odd300, and Satam. As thanks for spending so much time and effort improving the Zelda Dungeon Wiki, these members have been given the title "Wiki Scribe" on the [1]!
  • 10/22/12 - Happy Birthday Zelda Dungeon Wiki! It's been one year since the wiki was publicly launched, and thanks to the continued support of contributors, we've been able to amass a whopping 3,000 articles! (more...)
  • 10/22/12 - Trivia: Please note that we have new guidelines for Trivia. If anyone would like to step up to lead the Trivia Project to add and update Trivia to follow these guidelines, please contact Locke.