Robred Dropoff Cave

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Robred Dropoff Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Robred Dropoff Cave can be found northeast of Fort Hateno, just north of the main path. It is at a much lower elevation, west of Robred Dropoff. The cave itself has numerous Horriblin, Blue Horriblin, and Chuchu found throughout. There is also a room with a Blue Boss Bokoblin and numerous Blue Bokoblin.

When first entering the cave, a stone statue reads, "Treasure sleeps beyond the path shown by the stone statues." The cave has many different paths, but in each of the major forks in the road, there are stone statues, where the statues are facing a particular direction. Exploring the remainder of the rooms will lead to extra materials and some enemies, but the statues will point Link in the direction of the major treasure and the Bubbulfrog.

From the entrance, you'll find the statues in the middle of the room facing towards the northeast, so go ahead and take that path. Follow the path and drop down to find a circle of statues. Most of the statues are facing inward, except one group is facing southward. Destroy the Red Sediment and travel deeper into the cave.

Continue onward to find the room with a Boss Bokoblin and numerous other Bokoblin. The statues here are facing the east, but a gate is blocking the way. Destroy the sediment that is on the ground and drop down below. Make your way down the corridor to come to a room with numerous statues. Use Ascend next to platform with a single stone statue to get to the room above, which contains the Bubbulfrog. After getting the Bubbul Gem, Link can drop down to the lowest floor and wrap back around to the room with the statues.

If Link uses Ascend in front of the three statues, it will take Link to a room with a treasure chest. Open the chest to get the Barbarian Helm.


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