Loshlo Harbor

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Loshlo Harbor is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Harbor is a part of the Necluda Sea, located just south of Ebon Mountain and north of Cape Cales. There are a variety of enemies appearing including the occasional Blue Chuchu as well as some Green and Blue Lizalfos. At nighttime Stalkoblin and Stalizalfos will appear, and there are also some Water Octoroks out to sea. At the north end of the beach, there are some Stone Pebblits that will appear. The nearby Lizalfos may pickup a Stone Pebblit as a weapon and toss it towards Link.

At the south end of the harbor, there are some large rocks in the water and a treasure chest is hidden underwater. Pull it up with Magnesis to get some Ice Arrows. A second treasure chest is found a bit further out in the water to the east and it contains a Silver Rupee.

There are a few Ironshell Crabs and Razorclaw Crabs that can be seen crawling on the beach. In the water, there are a variety of fish, including Armored Carp, Mighty Carp, and Mighty Porgy.

Just a bit inland to the west, on a much higher elevation, lies the West Loshlo Harbor, where a Red Hinox can be found.