Loshlo Harbor

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Loshlo Harbor is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The harbor is part of the Necluda Sea, located just south of Ebon Mountain and north of Cape Cales. The geography is rocky with many boulders jutting out of the water and beach. It is fairly quiet with very few threatening monsters roaming the area. This makes it a prime spot for some beachside photos!

There are a variety of enemies appearing here such as Green Lizalfos, Blue Lizalfos, Water Octorok and the occasional Blue Chuchu. At night, Stalkoblin and Stalizalfos will also appear. Towards the north end of the beach there is a patch of rocks, many of which are disguised as Stone Pebblit. Nearby Lizalfos may pick up a Stone Pebblit as a weapon and toss it at Link.

Towards the south end of the harbor, there are patches of large rocks with treasure chests, hidden nearby underwater. The first chest, located fairly close to shore, can be pulled up with Magnesis to get a bundle of Ice Arrows while a second chest, located farther off in the water, can be pulled up for a Silver Rupee.

There are a few animals found in this area as well. In the ocean, many species of fish can be found, such as Armored Carp, Mighty Carp and Mighty Porgy. Along the beach you can find Ironshell Crab and Razorclaw Crab crawling along the shore and hiding under rocks. There are also many Seagulls that fly above the bay.

Just a bit inland to the west, on a much higher elevation, lies the West Loshlo Harbor, where a Red Hinox can be found.



Tears of the Kingdom

Loshlo Harbor is a body of water found at the west end of the Necluda Sea, a bit south of Hateno Village.

A Black Boss Bokoblin and several Black Bokoblin can be found on the beach.