Clock Shop Secret

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Clock Shop Secret


Complete the Skull Dungeon

Learned from

South Lynna Old Hag by the Ember Tree in South Lynna (Present)


Told to



Noble Sword.png
Master Sword OOX.png

The Clock Shop Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Ages used within Oracle of Seasons. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Seasons and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Ages.

Learn the Secret

The Clock Shop Secret can be learned after Link completes the fourth dungeon, Skull Dungeon. Head over to the southern portion of Lynna City in the present, just south of the Lynna City Shop. Standing next to the Ember Tree is an Old Woman. She will tell Link to find a friend of hers hidden beneath the Clock Shop in Holodrum.[1]

Tell the Secret

Return to Oracle of Seasons and head over to Horon Village. Use the Shovel on the tiles above the Clock Shop to find a stairwell to a hidden basement. Inside, the Old Man will ask if Link wants to undergo a trial to be rewarded with a sword upgrade.[2] Link will need to defeat 12 enemies which appear in the room in less than 30 seconds to receive the upgrade.[3] The enemies start off with simple Rope enemies, but progress to enemy Wizzrobes, as well as more dangerous Lynels.


If Link has the L-1 Wooden Sword, he will obtain the L-2 Noble Sword. If he has already upgraded to the L-2 Noble Sword, Link will receive the L-3 Master Sword. The Old Man will give Link a password, which he can take back to Farore within Labrynna's Maku Tree. Link can then get the sword upgrade in Oracle of Ages.



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