Epona Quest

 ~ Epona's Song (Past) ~ 

 - Before we can get the horse itself, we have to get the song. To do so, talk to Malon in the center of the Lon Lon Ranch corral who is singing there all by herself.
 - Speak with her multiple times until she starts asking about the "song her mother wrote". Pull out your Ocarina while standing in front of her and she'll teach you Epona's Song.
New Song: Epona's Song Lon Lon Ranch (Past)

 - Use this song to call Epona, the spirited horse who is faster than any other. You can't do much with it now, but it will be a great help later on.

 ~ Winning Epona (Future) ~ 

10 Rupees to ride.

Play Epona's Song.

Jump the fences to get your money back.
 - Well, Talon (the fat sleeping guy) got kicked out of Lon Lon Ranch and Ingo (the dirty worker in the stables) is now the owner of the ranch! You can find Malon in the stables, clutching a broom and afraid to leave the ranch out of fear that Ingo will mistreat the horses. Okidoky.
 - Run up to the corral in the center of the area and speak with Ingo to hear him gripe about how awesome he is. Anyway, he has a little pony ride you can partake in for 10 Rupees. Fork over the goods and you'll appear inside the corral. Don't take the horse he offers you, but play Epona's Song (that we got as a child in a previous chapter) to make the best horse come to you.
 - Use her to jump both of the fences by pressing A shortly before you reach them. They'll give you 20 Rupees in total, earning you back what you paid to ride in the first place. Go back to Ingo and Z target him while riding Epona and accept his challenge to a race when you think you're ready.

Mini-Game: Horse Race Lon Lon Ranch (Future)
 - Epona's Song (for prize)
 - 50 Rupees
 - Epona

Talk to him while riding.

He cheats and starts early.

Get ahead at the corners.

At the end, use 'em all!

 - After riding horses at least once, pay Ingo again to enter the corral, then speak to him while riding Epona to race against him. You can use the regular horse he gives you, but you'll never win because it's so slow...

 - The first race is fairly easy. Ingo cheats and starts a second early, but he tends to take the corners pretty wide, giving a chance to slip ahead. Use A to speed up, but don't use all of your carrots until the end. Either get ahead of him first and try to stay ahead of him by using your carrots slowly and blocking him, or wait until you're near the end and speed past him by continually using carrots.

 - He'll challenge you to a second race, this time offering you the horse. He's a little more vicious now and will try to cut you off as soon as you get close. Just wait until you see a good chance and run for it.
 - Play Epona's Song. Talk to Ingo while riding her. Use A every time it recharges. Try to get ahead of him when he goes around the corners. Use all your carrots at the end (might as well).


You're stuck =(

Jump the fence or any of the walls.
 - After beating Ingo at both races, he'll lock you in the ranch so you can't leave. You can get out very easily though, simply get a running start and jump either the fence, or any of the shorter walls on any side. You'll then witness a short triumphant clip of Epona jumping out of Lon Lon Ranch. Da-da!