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Eastern Coast


Natural Season


Points of

Gate to Samasa Desert


The Eastern Coast is a small beach location in Oracle of Seasons. The beach is located just south of the Eastern Suburbs and serves as the only route to the Samasa Desert, located at the southeast corner of Holodrum.

The Eastern Coast has a default season of Summer and it is filled with palm trees and coconuts. The Eastern Coast shares its summer climate with the Samasa Desert to the east. Since there are no Tree Stumps along the Coast or within the Desert, the Eastern Coast is one of the few regions of the game that always remains the same climate.

Link can access the Eastern Coast after acquiring the Ember Seeds from Gnarled Root Dungeon. However, the journey is short lived as the pathway to Samasa Desert is blocked off by a gate. There is a sign that speaks of the Samasa Desert ahead, as well as a lone Piratian.[1] The Piratian wants to get back with his other Pirate friends to dig the Ship free, but the Captain told him not to come back until he finds his Bell.[2]

Samasa Desert Gate Puzzle.

Once Link gains permission from the Captain to search for the bell himself, the Piratian here will be able to go and join his Pirate friends.[3]

In order to lower the gate and gain access to the Samasa Desert, Link will to first travel to the House of Pirates in Subrosia. It is here that he will learn the proper order to push the four skull-shaped panels that are on the gate. The correct combination to opening the gate is the following. Push the third panel from the left twice, the second panel once, the first panel twice, and the fourth panel three times.

During a Linked Game, Queen Ambi will appear standing on the coast of the beach staring out at the sea. She is reminiscing about past times that she spent with the Captain of the Piratians. [4]

The Eastern Coast during a Linked Game.


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