Black Tower

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The Black Tower, also referred to as Ambi's Tower is the final dungeon in Oracle of Ages. It is here that Link faces Veran in the final confrontation to stop the Age of Darkness and free Labrynna from the Sorceress' clutches. Upon defeating Veran, however, the Flame of Sorrow is lit, bringing Twinrova one step closer to reviving her master, Ganon.

Queen Ambi originally wanted to build the tower to guide her long lost lover, Captain, to her. However, Veran possessed Nayru and became the Queen's most trusted advisor. She convinced the Queen to build the tower all the way to the heavens to become the greatest queen ever, and she used the powers of the Oracle of Ages to create an endless day so that the tower would be completed in one day. This earned the tower's name of the Black Tower. Unbeknownst to the Queen, this was creating a sorrow mood throughout the entire land, fulfilling Veran's duty of lighting the Flame of Sorrow.

The tower is under construction for most of the game, so Link can only fully discover it at the end of the game. The entrance to the tower is sealed in the present, making it possible to enter only in the past. Link can only enter the Black Tower in the present in a Linked Game to save Zelda from Vire. Link also needs the Huge Maku Seed after gathering all eight Essences of Time to travel past a shadow barrier within the tower. Veran can be fought at the top of the Black Tower in three different forms.