Dueling Peaks South

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Dueling Peaks South

Dueling Peaks South is a location found in Breath of the Wild. It is an unmarked location on the map and only appears in name when Link battles the Stone Talus (Junior) that is in the region.

As its name suggests, it is the mountain range that is made up of the southern parts of the Dueling Peaks. It is located south of the Squabble River, in between the Dueling Peaks Tower and Dueling Peaks Stable. The Popla Foothills are located to the west and their gradual elevation makes for the best route in reaching the top of the Dueling Peaks.

Directly south of the peak, Link will find a Stone Talus (Junior) in the open plain. This is the only such version of the Stone Talus in the game and it is in contrast to Stone Talus (Senior), who can be found at North Dueling Peaks.

To the southeast of the Dueling Peaks, Link can find a small forest where there are some Hylian Shrooms and Ironshrooms. There is an Acorn inside the trunk of a tree that can be shot with an Arrow to find a Korok.