Deepback Bay Cave

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Deepback Bay Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Deepback Bay Cave can be found along the northwest end of the Deepback Bay.

Anedamimik Shrine is located in this cave, in the middle of a flooded depression. Link is not able to access it due to the water that surrounds it. After defeating a pair of Black Horriblins, Link can drop down the hole to find a Like Like. Just beyond the enemy Like Like, there are some breakable boulders. Link can use a Bomb Flower to break the boulders, causing the water from up above to drain down below. Link can then use Ascend to get back up, where he can then access the Anedamimik Shrine.

A bundle of five arrows and a single Bomb Flower are in the cavern below to this end.

The Bubbulfrog is in a cove behind the shrine, which can be accessed once the water has been drained. (4264, -2128, -0004).

Anedamimik Shrine

Main article: Anedamimik Shrine

Anedamimik Shrine, titled A Retraced Path, requires Link to use Recall to send an orb backward to unlock a gate. The shrine has a single chest which contains a Large Zonai Charge.


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