Title Deed Guide
There are several Business Scrubs in the game that are eager to trade their savvy pieces of land for greener pastures. We can take advantage of this and snag some Heart Pieces along the way. Below is a chunk of the Walkthrough dealing with this particular trading sequence.

The "Good Deeds"

~ Clock Town ~

 - Go to the Astral Observatory and get yourself a Moon's Tear by looking into the telescope.
 - Go back to South Clock Town and touch the flower to make the Business Scrub appear. Fork over the Moon's Tear to get the Land Title Deed. We used this flower to get a Heart Piece at the start of the game, remember?
 - With the Deed in hand, let's go to the next Business Scrub.

~ Southern Swamp ~

 - Go to the Swamp Tourist Center and speak with the Business Scrub outside. Buy a Magic Bean from him for later, then talk to him without wearing a mask. Trade the Land Title Deed for the Swamp Title Deed.
 - Use the flower to get on top of the building to find [HEART PIECE #25]!

~ Goron Village ~

 - This one is located on the south end along the wall (to the right of where you enter from). Upgrade your Big Bomb Bag if you haven't already from him, then speak with him as a Deku. Trade the Swamp Title Deed for the Mountain Title Deed.
 - Use the flower to get onto the ledge right above him to find [HEART PIECE #30]!

~ Zora Hall ~

 - Put on the Zora Mask and go speak with the Zora hanging around the last door (on the far left). He's fiddling with the keyhole, trying to get a peek at Lulu (who's not in there).
 - After scaring away the "Peeping Tom", enter and speak with the Business Scrub while wearing the Goron Mask. Trade the Mountain Title Deed for the Ocean Title Deed.
 - Use the flower to get to the ledge above to find [HEART PIECE #40]!

~ Ikana Canyon ~

 - Along the lower area, right before the Octoroks in the water, go right and enter the cave-like opening to come to the smaller half of Ikana Canyon.
 - Slap on the Zora Mask and speak with the Business Scrub. Trade the Ocean Title Deed for 200 Rupees.
 - Use the flower to get to the ledge on the far side to find the last of the trading sequence, [HEART PIECE #44]!