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Teba (husband)
Tulin (son)

Saki is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Saki is the wife of Teba and lives at the top level of Rito Village, right next door to the village elder, Kaneli. When Link first arrives at the village and tries to talk to Saki, something is clearly wrong, but Saki does not want to talk about it with Link.[1][2][3]

After speaking with the village elder, Kaneli, Link will begin the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest. Link needs to find Teba and encourages Link to speak with Teba's wife Saki. When Link speaks with Saki at this time, she opens up a bit more, talking about her husband.[4] She mentions that Teba has gone to the Flight Range, located in Dronoc's Pass, at the base of the Hebra Mountains. The Flight Range is a place where Rito warriors go to train for aerial combat. Saki thinks that Teba is there gathering weapons to attempt another battle with Medoh. Saki tells Link that if he takes off from Revali's Landing, it is a straight down down to the flight range.[5] This will trigger Link to recall the Revali's Flap memory.

Saki can then provide Link with further information.[6][7] She says that her husband is rather impulsive and refuses to listen once he has an idea in his head.[8] She mentions that Teba is always talking about turning their son, Tulin, into a warrior just like the legendary Rito warrior, Revali. Saki is not to keen on the idea, but knows that every time Teba takes Tulin to the Flight Range to play, he is really just training him to become a warrior someday.[9]

Tears of the Kingdom

Saki can initially be found on a platform in Rito Village, where Teba and Tulin are arguing over Tulin's ability to deal with the blizzard. Tulin soon flies off, and Saki agrees he is not a fully-fledged bird yet, particularly in that he doesn't grasp one cannot accomplish great feats without allies.

After Tulin and Link have rid the area of the blizzard, she thanks Link for teaching her son how to be a true warrior. She can later be found in Kaneli's old house, having made it her responsibility to keep it clean while he is at the Flight Range.


  • In Breath of the Wild, Saki is one of the most coiffed and beautifully attired Rito women available in the game, as she is not a palette swap like other Rito women like Bedoli, Laissa and Amali. This indicates that she may have a place of high status as the wife of the current top Rito warrior.



  1. ...Can I help you? - Saki
  2. Please. Now is not a good time. - Saki
  3. Never mind. Forget it. - Saki
  4. Forgive my intrusion, but I overheard you speaking with the elder. It sounds like you intent to help me husband, Teba, in the fight against Medoh. But to tell you the truth, there is not much I can do for you right now beyond telling you where my husband went. - Saki
  5. Well... My husband headed to a place called the Flight Range. It's in Dronoc's Pass at the base of the Hebra Mountains. It's a place where Rito warriors prepare for aerial combat... I imagine he's gone there to gather weapons for another run at Medoh. As it happens, he made his way to the Flight Range on foot this time. If you take off from Revali's Landing, it's a straight shot down to the Flight Range. Revali's Landing is a memorial for the Rito Champion, Revali... So named in the hope that none might forget the events of that horrible day... - Saki
  6. Descendant! Descendant! Are you all right? My apologies... I fear I have said for too much... If there is anything you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask. - Saki
  7. If the elder trusts you, I will tell you what I can. - Saki
  8. My husband is very...impulsive. Once he's gets an idea in his head, there's no reasoning with him. We tried to stop him from going off to fight Medoh on his own, but he refused to listen. Though I cannot feign surprise. I did marry a Rito warrior, after all. - Saki
  9. Revali is the legendary Rito warrior. All the warriors here idolize him. My husband is no exception-he is always talking about turning our son, Tulin, into a warrior just like Revali. When they go and "play" together, he is really training him at the Flight Range. I have never wanted my sweet Tulin to become a warrior, myself... - Saki