Owa Daim Shrine

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Owa Daim Shrine
Entrance to the Owa Daim Shrine





Owa Daim Shrine, also known as the Stasis Trial, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Early on in Link's quest, he will raise the Great Plateau Tower and shortly after that, the Old Man will seek Link out. The Old Man tells Link that in order to leave the Great Plateau, Link must first acquire the Paraglider. Link will need to collect a Spirit Orb from each of the four Shrines in the Great Plateau, and can complete the first four shrines in any desired order.

Stasis Trial

At the nearby pedestal, acquire the Stasis Rune. This rune serves two main purposes: First, it's main use is that it can freeze time for an object. Secondly, while that object is frozen, if that object is attacked repeatedly, then when the stasis wears off it will react to the kinetic force of all those attacks at the same time, typically launching even heavy objects.

Use Stasis on the gear to the left when the platform is even and cross to the other side.

Wait until the boulder rolls past, and then sprint up to the next safe place. Wait until the next boulder rolls past and sprint to and open the chest. Wait for one more boulder to pass and then return and continue.

An Iron Sledgehammer waits against the wall here. Pick it up, and then use Stasis on the boulder in your way. Hit it as many times as possible with the sledgehammer before time is up, and it will no longer be in your way.

Examine the altar ahead to finish the shrine.