Nette Plateau

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The Nette Plateau is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Nette Plateau is a higher elevation area, found at the south end of the Lake Tower region. It is located just southwest of the Highland Stable, east of the Menoat River, and north of the Puffer Beach.

The plateau is rather quiet, with very few enemies or wildlife. Occasionally some Pink Heron and Blue-Winged Heron will appear, alongside some Mountain Goats. The only enemies that appear in the area are some Stalkoblin that come out at nighttime. There are some Ore Deposits, including a Rare Ore Deposit surrounding the plateau.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Stand next to the pinwheel, shoot the three acorns. You can use stasis to make it easier.

Stand next to the pinwheel and shoot the three acorns that (just about) appear over the ridge line directly to the south.

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot the five balloons circling overhead.

Stand near the pinwheel, shoot the balloons.

High on the cliff above this hole are three boulders. Push one of them off the cliff and into the hole.

Push a boulder into the hole.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Nette Plateau is a high elevated area at the south edge of Hyrule, located just southwest of the Highland Stable.

At the northwest end of the plateau, there is an enemy camp with an Aerocuda, Blue Bokoblin, and Blue Moblin. A treasure chest can be found at the top, containing a Topaz gem.

Korok Seeds

  • Just north of plateau, at the intersection of the paths, there is a Korok looking to reunite with his friend. Carry the Korok to the higher area just west of the Harfin Valley to get a pair of Korok Seeds.
  • North of the the plateau, down by the path, there is a boulder on the south side of the road. On the north side of the road there is a wooden pedestal. Grab the block and place it on the pedestal to get the Korok Seed.



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