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===Breath of the Wild===
===Breath of the Wild===
The Korok hide all around the world, and Link must find that them to receive a Korok seed from them.
The Korok hide all over Hyrule, and Link must find them and solve a puzzle to receive a Korok seed.

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The Wind Waker
Forest Haven
Breath of the Wild
Greater Hyrule

The Koroks are a forest-based race that appear in The Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild.


The Wind Waker

Koroks reside in Forest Haven, where they are protected by the Great Deku Tree. Koroks are the descendants of the Kokiri and have developed wooden bodies over time, as well as the ability to fly with the usage of Deku leaves.


The Koroks are a primitive race who are said to be the descendants of the Kokiri. They are under the protection of the Great Deku Tree and once a year partake in the seed-giving festival. The Koroks dance and sing to music played by Makar on a leaf-shaped violin. The Great Deku Tree then sprouts seeds, which each Korok takes and to plant the seeds throughout the Great Sea. The Koroks are light enough that they can use Deku Leaves to fly.

The Great Deku Tree often refers to them as his children. This is a very similar relationship to that of which the old Great Deku Tree had with the Kokiri in Ocarina of Time. It is notable that now the Koroks are allowed to leave the Forest Haven, whereas they were never to leave the Kokiri Forest in their humanoid form. They are, however, told to stay away from the Forbidden Woods at all costs.


When Link first arrives at the Forest Haven, the Koroks are about to begin the ceremony when it is reported that Makar has fallen into the Forbidden Woods. Link goes to save him, and Makar apologizes to the Great Deku Tree. The Great Deku Tree is happy that he is safe. Makar then plays his violin in the ceremony and all of the Koroks leave. Koroks can later be found scattered across islands on the Great Sea. Because their new sprouts are withering, they ask Link to bring them Forest Water to help them grow. However, because the Forest Water loses its potency after a short while, Link must visit all of the Koroks within a short time period.

Makar is later revealed to be the sage of the Wind Temple.


Breath of the Wild

The Korok hide all over Hyrule, and Link must find them and solve a puzzle to receive a Korok seed.

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