Goron Blood Brothers

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Goron Blood Brothers







The Goron Blood Brothers are a group of Gorons from Breath of the Wild.


Bayge, Heehl, and Kabetta makeup the Goron Blood Brothers. Bayge is the oldest of the trio and serves as the leader of the group. The three brothers can be found over at the northwest portion of Mount Nabooru, as well as at Gut Check Rock, just north of Death Mountain. The the three Gorons have all left their home in Goron City in favor of increasing their strength and endurance.[1]

Test of Will

Main article: Test of Will

The Goron Blood Brothers run the Test of Will, a shrine quest at the northwest portion of Mount Nabooru. Speaking to the Gorons, they'll inform Link that he is standing near an ancestral training ground where Goron's have always come to train to become stronger and more powerful.[2][3] [4] Talking to the Gorons will begin the Test of Will shrine quest.

In the first stage, Link will need to drink an Elixir or wear armor that has Heat Resistance. If Link can outlast the Gorons, he will be able to participate in the ultimate endurance. Kabetta describes it as the toughest test known to the Goron kind.[5][6][7] In the second phase, Link will need to drink an elixir that has Flame Guard, preventing him from overheating. Successfully doing so will gain the approval of all three Gorons and will reveal the Joloo Nah Shrine.[8][9][10][11][12]


  1. So sweaty... Brother... We're Gorons...but the heat is too much for us these days... It's too hot to handle in Goron City... so we came here to train ourselves... - Kabetta
  2. PUMP IT UP, BROTHER! This is our ancestral training ground! Us three Goron Blood Brothers are in the midst of a contest of endurance! - Bayge
  3. FEEL THE BURN, BROTHER! We're trainin' to become strong and powerful Gorons! Right now we're competin' to beat the heat! - Heehl
  4. Yeah! Come try the contest of endurance yourself...brother! - Kabetta
  5. You're amazing! I never woulda thought the three Goron Blood Brothers could lose to you, brother! - Bayge
  6. In fact, I'm grantin' you the highest honor-the chance to participate in the contest of ULTIMATE endurance! - Heehl
  7. It's where our ancestors trained... It's considered the toughest test known to Goron kind! - Kabetta
  8. This contest won't just challenge you with heat...but also with fire! If ya lose your focus, your body will catch fire! Make sure you're prepared for this, brother! It is said that passin' this test will reveal a shrine...or some such! If ya think you're ready, climb into the ring. Do that, and our special contest of ultimate endurance will begin! - Bayge
  10. What a powerful display! What fire! That was somethin' else, brother! - Heehl
  11. Whoa! That's a shrine...or some such! It really appeared, just like that! So the legend is true, brother!! - Kabetta
  12. You won the contest of ultimate endurance, little man! You're amazing! - Bayge