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Artwork of Gaepora







This is Gaepora, the kind and gentle
headmaster of the Knight Academy.

He has a great knowledge of traditions
and is also the father of Zelda.

Gaepora is the headmaster of the Knight Academy, and Zelda's father in Skyward Sword. He seems to hold an even higher position of authority in Skyloft, for reasons which are unknown.

Appearance and Personality

Gaepora wears a decorative red sash that is similar to the ceremony leader's except that it features four golden triangles, as well as the Skyloftian bird symbol on its back, and his belt. His robes bear a striking resemblance to those of Rauru from Ocarina of Time, who credited himself as one of the Seven Sages who constructed the Temple of Time. He also has a small Remlit named Mia. Similarly, his name brings memory of Kaepora Gaebora, a wise owl (also from Ocarina of Time) who gave Link hints from time to time when Link is a child. He also gave Link rides to/from Kakariko Village and the summit of Death Mountain, as well as between Castle Town and Lake Hylia.

Role in the Plot

Before the Wing Ceremony, he and Zelda discuss Link's skill as a Loftwing rider. Gaepora gives Link great credit, and reminds Zelda that they've known each other since they were children, remarking she should know Link's bond with his Loftwing. He also mentions the potential jealousy of other people, due to Link's close relationship with his bird.

He observes the Wing Ceremony, offering a scolding remark to Groose, one of the students attending the academy. After Zelda is taken by the tornado, Link goes to Gaepora to tell him of Zelda's fate and ask for help. Gaepora, with Zelda being his daughter, helps Link by equipping him with a Knight Uniform and sends him off to find Zelda. Gaepora is a recurring character, aiding Link on his quest many times throughout the story. When Link finds the Goddess Sword, Gaepora finds him there knowing of the sword, saying it has been giving off a strange light. He already knew of the prophecy about the hero but never thought it would come true in his lifetime. He then recites the prophecy, when Fi tells him that what he speaks is only a small part of what it was.