Fish Skewer

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Fish Skewer

"A simple dish made by cooking chunks of fresh fish on a skewer."

— In-Game Description

A Fish Skewer is a piece of food in Breath of the Wild. It can be cooked over a Cooking Pot, and requires 1-3 fish with no net effect to make.

Neutral fish can be used to make a Fish Skewer, or other fish can be added or used to induce effects, such as an Armored Carp for a Tough Fish Skewer, or Chillfin Trouts for a Chilly Fish Skewer. These boosts cancel out if two or more different effects are added to one dish - for instance, cooking a Hearty Salmon and Staminoka Bass together will create a plain Fish Skewer. There is no benefit from doing so.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Quantity
Hyrule Bass.png Hyrule Bass
Sanke Carp.png Sanke Carp
two+ fish with clashing effects

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