Face Shrine (Region)

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The Face Shrine region is a location found in Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. It is the resting place of both Face Shrine the dungeon and Southern Face Shrine the mini-dungeon.

The area is rather large, situated south of the Rapids Ride area, north of Animal Village and Yarna Desert, and to the east of Ukuku Prairie. Its only inhabitants are Zols and Armos. It contains many pillars, and the Bow is required to make it through the whole thing, because it is the only weapon that works the Armos Knight.

Points of Interest

Southern Face Shrine

Main article: Southern Face Shrine

Link fights the Armos Knight and obtains the Face Key in Southern Face Shrine. It is in the west of the entire region, past many Armos and Zols. In addition to finding the Face Key, Link also discovers a mural that describes the truth of Koholint Island.

Face Shrine

Main article: Face Shrine

Face Shrine is the sixth dungeon of Link's Awakening. It is found in the north of Face Shrine, surrounded by water. Link can use the Flippers to locate a small island in the middle of the water that has two Armos, one of which is covering an underground passage to the dungeon's entrance.