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Device Dispenser



Zonai Materials


Dispense Zonai Devices

Device Dispensers are objects found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, large machines can be found where Link is able to deposit Zonai materials, such as Zonai Charges or Soldier Construct Horns. After depositing materials into the receptacle, the machine will activate and will shoot out a bunch of Zonai Capsules, which contain a random selection of Zonai Devices that Link can collect and store in his inventory.

Each device has a specific section of devices available. When Link encounters one, it can be seen on his Purah Pad map. Highlighting it will show the number of device types, which will update to show the actual devices available as Link obtains at least one of each from the machine.

List of Device Dispensers

The Sky

Bravery Island
Courage Island
Dragonhead Island
Ganos Shrine's island
Great Sky Island (East)
Great Sky Island (South)
Ijo-o Shrine's island
Jinodok Shrine's island
Jirutagumac Shrine's island
Cart (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Cart
Wing (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Wing
Fan (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Fan
Beam Emitter (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Beam Emitter
Josiu Shrine's island
Kadaunar Shrine's island
Kumamayn Shrine's island
Lightcast Island
Mayam Shrine's island
Mayanas Shrine's island
Natak Shrine's island
Rakashog Shrine's island
Sky Mine
Starview Island
Taninoud Shrine's island
Wing (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Wing
Sled (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Sled
Fan (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Fan
Cart (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Cart
Light (Zonai Capsule) - TotK icon.png  Light
Thunderhead Isles
Ukoojisi Shrine's island
Valor Island
Wellspring Island
Zonaite Forge Island


Digdogg Suspension Bridge
Hudson Construction Site
Kakariko Village


Left-Leg Depot
West of Mustis Lightroot