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Command Melody


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How to Perform

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Controls another entity


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The Command Melody is the third song from The Wind Waker. It is learned in the Tower of the Gods and is important to that dungeon's completion as well as the Earth Temple and the Wind Temple.

How to Play

This song is played by holding the analog stick to the left to conduct in 4/4 time and then moving the right stick (C-stick on the GameCube) left, center, right, center:

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The Command Melody is found written on a tablet in a large, circular room inside the Tower of the Gods after returning one of the statues to their resting place. Link can learn it on the Wind Waker to control the "kin" of the statue within the dungeon.


In addition to controlling statues, the Command Melody can also take control of Medli and Makar within their respective temples. It can be used to help Medli escape if she is captured by Floormasters or use her harp to reflect light, and it can allow Makar to fly up to high places or plant trees.