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Shamae (Granddaughter)

Ashe is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Ashe is an old man who lives at the Woodland Stable. He recognizes that Link is not from around the area and will give him a guide about several things in the region. He mentions that the Woodland Stable originally got its name because of the Great Hyrule Forest that is nearby. The stable serves as a border between Hyrule Field and the Eldin region.[1]

Ashe will talk about Death Mountain, which is located just northeast of the stable. He warns Link that it is incredibly hot and would be very dangerous for him to travel there. Although if he does desire to try to climb the mountain, he recommends trying to do so from the Akkala region, to the east. He suggests Link stop by the Foothill Stable, near the Maw of Death Mountain, as he's certain that somebody at the stable will know how to deal with the heat.[2]

The old man will also talk about Hyrule Field, located to the south, just beyond the Crenel Hills. While he acknowledges that the nature is beautiful, he does mention that just north of the field are the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins and Hyrule Castle. While Castle Town was once the center of Hyrule's culture and commerce, it is now very dangerous and Ashe warns Link not to travel there. He mentions knowing a lot of younger people that traveled in that direction and they never came back.[3]

Ashe will also tell Link about the Great Hyrule Forest, located to the north. He once ventured there as a boy, looking to collect firewood. However, he lost his way while traveling through the Lost Woods. The wind was howling and he started to run away. Then all of a sudden the fog cleared and he was outside the forest.[4]

At 10pm each evening, Ashe will head into the stable and will look after his grandchild, Shamae, who is sleeping.[5] He remains there all night until 5am, where he will then head back outside.

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Ashe can still be found at the Woodland Stable. He is standing near the signposts outside the Stable. He will advise Link of the problems in Goron City, particularly of strange rocks and the laziness of the young Gorons.[6] He mentions that the Gorons are usually so gentle and hardworking, but the young Gorons who are carrying strange rocks have been acting up.[7]

He had sent a visitor to a restaurant up the path, but they have not returned, which he feels guilty for.[8] Despite these concerns, he believes Link to be an experienced traveler and thinks he'll be okay.[9]



  1. Yes, yes. Good evening. Heh... If you're making time to talk to an old man like me, you must be in need of something. You aren't from around here, are ya? Hwa ha ha! When you get to my age, you can tell just by lookin' at people's faces. This here Woodland Stable borders the Eldin region and Hyrule Field. It's a central fixture for travelers. Also the Great Hyrule Forest, which is where the stable got its name, is right over yonder. Do you want me to tell you about the surrounding areas? - Ashe
  2. Eldin is northeast of here. It's a mountainous region with Death Mountain at its center. You can see Death Mountain from here, in fact, but only the backside of it. I don't know why anyone would want to climb it, but if you're so inclined, the best approach is from Akkala to the east. If you see Foothill Stable, you're on the right path-the Maw of Death Mountain is near the stable. But Death Mountain is an active volcano. It's blazing hot up there. If you go unprepared, you're as good as dead. Although I'm sure there's someone at Foothill Stable who knows how to deal with the heat. - Ashe
  3. Hyrule Field is south of here. It's the huge field past the Crenel Hills. There's no shortage of nature in these parts. It's a beautiful place to live. And just north of the field, you'll find the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town and Hyrule Castle. They used to be the center of Hyrule's culture and commerce, but now... I'm telling you...stay far away from the castle! The field isn't safe either. I'm sure you have family that cares about you, so please don't dismiss this warning as an old man's rambling. I've seen too many young'uns head off to Hyrule Field...only to never come back. - Ashe
  4. The Great Hyrule Forest is north of here. It's the largest forest in Hyrule... In the heart of the forest sits a terrifying group of enchanted trees called the Lost Woods. I once got lost there while collecting firewood when I was but a boy. As I went deeper into the forest, the wind was blowing this way and that! Chilled me to the bone. I got scared and ran as fast as I could, trying to get away from the howling wind. Then all of a sudden, the fog lifted, and I was standing outside the forest... There's something dangerous hiding in those Lost Woods. Don't go wandering in there. - Ashe
  5. Ho ho... If you're willing to interrupt an old man looking over his grandchild, you must be in need of something. - Ashe
  6. "Oh, do my eyes deceive me? Or do you plan on setting out? I take it you're also headed to Goron City. This may be an odd warning, but do try to watch out for Gorons with strange rocks." — Ashe, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "The Gorons are typically so gentle and hardworking. But lately it seems the young ones have stopped working altogether, and some are even playing tricks on travelers... I met one injured traveler who told me that the Gorons in question all carried "strange rocks." I don't really know what this all means... But it's the duty of a stable to keep its guests safe, so I can't help but worry." — Ashe, Tears of the Kingdom
  8. "There's a restaurant up this mountain path toward the city. I pointed a traveler in that direction quite some time ago, but there's been no sign of them coming back. It's hard not to imagine they've gotten into some sort of trouble... So just try to give a wide berth to any Gorons you might see with strange rocks." — Ashe, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "You look like an experienced traveler, so you'll probably be fine, but... If you're also headed to Goron City, be careful of Gorons with strange rocks.." — Ashe, Tears of the Kingdom