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Ashe (Grandfather)

Shamae is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Shamae is a young girl who lives at the Woodland Stable with her grandfather, Ashe. Shamae makes her way to the deck of the stable during the daytime, where she daydreams of people living in the sky. She wants to see balloons float right up into the sky and will ask Link to help her realize her balloon dream.[1] If Link says no, Shamea will get upset, telling Link that he popped the balloons of her dreams.[2] Shamae has dreams of visiting a city up in the sky and claims that good kids can see the kingdom floating up above.[3]

Each evening at 8pm, Shamae will run inside of the stable where she goes to bed. She tells Link that good kids go to bed early and then encourages Link to spend the night at the stable.[4]

Balloon Flight

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Link can talk to Shamea at the Woodland Stable and if he agrees to help her out, this will begin the Balloon Flight quest. Shamae explains to Link that she wants him to put some balloons on the barrel to make it float up high.[5]

After acquiring a few Octo Balloon, return to Shamae and she'll be delighted. She'll then instruct you to tie the balloons onto the nearby barrel.[6] After doing so, the barrel will begin to float up into the sky. Shamae will thank you for bringing her the balloons, saying that she wants to visit the land up the sky, where she also wants to ride on a really big bird.[7] She will reward Link with a Star Fragment that she found falling from the sky. This will complete the quest.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Shame can still found at the Woodland Stable in Tears of the Kingdom. At night, she will be sleeping on one of the beds, dreaming of what she will be when she grows up.



  1. I sometimes see it in my dreams. Do you think that a long time ago people used to live in the sky? I think so... Hey, mister! Just once in my life, I want to see balloons float right up into the sky! If you'll help me realize my balloon dream, I'll give you a treasure I got from the sky as thanks! - Shamae
  2. Aww... You've popped the balloon of my dreams. - Shamae
  3. Good kids can see it! They can see the kingdom floating in the sky. - Shamae
  4. Good kids go to bed early! ...Or so I'm told. You should spend the night at this stable, mister! - Shamae
  5. Thank you! Now put some balloons onto a barrel and make it float up high! - Shamae
  6. Yaaaaay! You brought me balloons! What a guy! You should tie those balloons on to that barrel and make it soar into the sky! - Shamae
  7. Floaty! Balloons soaring high in the sky! Fly up and away to the land in the clouds! I want to visit the land in the sky by balloon. Then, I'm going to ride a really big bird. Yep, that's my dream! Thank you, mister! This is a treasure from the sky! Here, take it! - Shamae