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Hi there, I wanted to speak with you about your most recent edit. The page you edited needs to stay in the format it was before, since its sole purpose is for the navbox. With this data included, the navbox looks very off-putting. We do appreciate your edit though, and I have kept what you have changed below. The data is valuable to us, and, instead, I recommend that you add it to the respected enemy's page.

Thanks - BlackRayquaza98 (talk) 11:17, April 7, 2017 (UTC)

There are many enemies in the world of Hyrule. Here we see listed the varying types of enemies you might encounter, and their multiple types as well.

Image Name HP (small) HP (medium) HP (large) Rank Common Places Item Drops
Chuchu.jpg Chuchu 3 20 48 1 Hyrule Field, West Necluda Chuchu Jelly
Fire-chuchu.jpg Fire Chuchu 12 20 48 1 Eldin Canyon, Eldin Mountains Red Chuchu Jelly
Ice-chuchu.jpg Ice Chuchu 12 20 48 1 Hebra Mountains, Gerudo Highlands White Chuchu Jelly
Electric-chuchu.jpg Electric Chuchu 12 20 48 1 Gerudo Highlands, East Necluda Yellow Chuchu Jelly
Image Name HP Rank Common Places Item Drops
Keese-botw.jpg Keese 1 2 Hyrule Field, East Necluda Keese Wing, Keese Eyeball
Fire-keese.jpg Fire Keese 1 2 Eldin Canyon, Eldin Mountains Fire Keese Wing, Keese Eyeball
Ice-keese.jpg Ice Keese 1 2 Hebra Mountains, Gerudo Highlands Ice Keese Wing, Keese Eyeball
Electric-keese.jpg Electric Keese 1 2 Lanayru Great Spring, East Necluda Electric Keese Wing, Keese Eyeball
Image Name HP Rank Common Places Item Drops
Water-octorok.jpg Water Octorok 8 5 Hyrule Field, West Necluda Octorok Tentacle, Octo Balloon, Octorok Eyeball
Forest-octorok.jpg Forest Octorok 8 5 Hyrule Ridge, Deep Akkala Octorok Tentacle, Octo Balloon, Octorok Eyeball
Rock-octorok.jpg Rock Octorok 8 5 Eldin Canyon, Gerudo Highlands Octorok Tentacle, Octo Balloon, Octorok Eyeball
Snow-octorok.jpg Snow Octorok 8 5 Gerudo Highlands, Tabantha Frontier Octorok Tentacle, Octo Balloon, Octorok Eyeball
Treasure-octorok.jpg Treasure Octorok 8 5 Gerudo Highlands, Gerudo Desert Octorok Tentacle, Octo Balloon, Octorok Eyeball, Rupeese (green to silver)
Image Name HP Rank Common Places Item Drops
Fire-wizzrobe.jpg Fire Wizzrobe 150 10 Hyrule Field, Great Hyrule Forest Fire Rod
Ice-wizzrobe.jpg Ice Wizzrobe 150 10 Gerudo Highlands, Hyrule Field Ice Rod
Electric-wizzrobe.jpg Electric Wizzrobe 150 10 Hyrule Ridge, West Necluda Lightning Rod
Meteo-wizzrobe.jpg Meteo Wizzrobe 300 18 Hyrule Field, Eldin Canyon Meteor Rod
Blizzrobe.jpg Blizzrobe 300 18 Hyrule Field, Hebra Mountains Blizzard Rod
Thunder-wizzrobe.jpg Thunder Wizzrobe 300 18 Hyrule Field, Tabantha Frontier Thundestorm Rod