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The Potion Shop is a shop found in both Castle Town and Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time. It is found in the Castle Town as a child, but due to Ganondorf subjugating Hyrule, it moved to Kakariko Village. Located near the Bazaar at both places, the Potion Shop sells a variety of products including Green Potion, Red Potion, Fairy, Fish, Bugs, Poes and the scarce Blue Fire. It is only open during the day.

When Link talks to the shopkeeper, he suggests him to enter the backdoor to where Granny's Potion Shop is found.[1] As a child in Kakariko Village, during the night, Ichiro, one of the Carpenters, hides in the Potion Shop, blocking the way to the backdoor.

Item Name Price (Rupees)
BlueFire Large.png Blue Fire 300
Bugs-2.png Bug 50
Deku Nut.png Deku Nuts (5) 15
Bottled Fairy(OoT).jpg Fairy 50
Fish(OoT).png Fish 200
Green Potion(OoT).jpg Green Potion 30
Red Potion.png Red Potion 30
Bottled Poe(OoT).jpg Poe 30



  1. "An old witch runs the Potion Shop behind this one. You can get to that shop through the door to the left of the counter." — Medicine Shop Owner, Ocarina of Time.