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Travels the road between the South Akkala Stable and the East Akkala Stable

Laroba is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Laroba is a traveling Gerudo who will travel between the South Akkala Stable and the East Akkala Stable. She wields a Gerudo Scimitar and a Gerudo Shield that she can use to defend herself against monsters in the region. Laroba believes there is a time to stand and fight, as well as a time to cut and run, and that is dependent on the condition of your weapons.[1][2][3] Although whenever Laroba gets ambushed, she will always run off in search of safety. If she gets attacked by an enemy, Link can fight off the enemy for her, and she will reward Link with an Elixir or a Meal.[4]

As a traveler, she likes to have a goal of where she wants to go and then occasionally checks her map, to get her bearings.[5]

She has some general knowledge of the Akkala province, including some information on Skull Lake, located to the north. She mentions that at night time, Link will find Fang and Bone, the shop that is run by Kilton.[6] She seems to know a bit about Ancient Arrows as well, advising Link to look for some of them if he finds himself exploring Hyrule Castle.[7] She also advises Link that when using arrows, to aim for the head of monsters and the eyes of Guardians.[8]

Laroba will talk about how at one time, the various races of Hyrule would not really interact, but things have changed. In Akkala in particular, there are some Zora, Goron, and Rito, all living side by side and she likes it.[9]

She travels the world, but she isn't looking for glory, money, or for thrills, but rather, she travels for love. She comments that whenever it rains, it helps her cool off from staring at various men she encounters.[10] Having traveled all the way from the Gerudo Desert in search of love, her favorite parts of her journey are meeting people and hearing about their thoughts and perspectives.[11] Whenever Laroba meets a man, regardless of their age, size, or even race, she takes a good hard look at them, to see if they fit what she's looking for in a man. She admits that it probably makes her appear as a creep.[12]



  1. Stand and fight? Cut and run? It all depends on what condition your weapons are in, really. If your quiver runs dry and all your weapons break in the middle of a fight... Well, I hope you have a backup plan. - Laroba
  2. Hey, kid! Even the best bow is useless if your quiver runs dry, right? I mean what else are you going to do with it? Life has a funny way of throwing you for a loop, and it's not always as nice as bumping into a cutire out of nowhere. Make sure you stock up on arrows before something bumps into you. Get me? - Laroba
  3. It's best to keep a sturdy backup bow or two, just in case the one you're using snaps at the worst possible moment. - Laroba
  4. I didn't think you had it in you, kid, but you surprised me. Thanks! I owe you big-time, and I always repay my debts! - Laroba
  5. It's good to set a goal to reach and then check your map every so often to get your bearings. - Laroba
  6. Check your map for a pond in the north that looks like a skull. If it's not on there yet, you'll know it when you see it. That pond at night is where you'll run into Fang and Bone, if you've got the stomach for it. - Laroba
  7. Remember to look for a rare set of arrows if you ever find yourself exploring the castle. - Laroba
  8. When using a bow, you want to aim for the head with monsters and the eyes with Guardians. - Laroba
  9. You there! Hylian kid! It's nice to meet you. Out here in Akkala, we have all sorts: Zora, Goron, Rito, you name it. Time was, we didn't mix much, but things change. And I'm glad they have! Some people travel the world for glory, for money, for thrills... But me, I do it for love. Easy there, though, kid. You're way too young for me. - Laroba
  10. The rain helps cool me off when I get too flushed from staring at voe. - Laroba
  11. I've traveled from the Gerudo Desert in the southwest all the way here to Akkala on my journey to find a partner. The best parts of it have been getting to meet all the people of the world and hearing their thoughts and perspectives. - Laroba
  12. I size up every voe coming and going down the road for eligibility. They're different ages, sizes, sometimes even races, so it's hard to make a call. I probably look like a creep to them... - Laroba