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Bugut is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Bugut is a traveling merchant who travels throughout Hyrule, appearing between the Dueling Peaks Stable and Kakariko Village. He is an adventurer himself and sells items that he has picked up on his travels.[1] While most of his inventory isn't of much excitement, he does have an Energetic Rhino Beetle, which is not very common and worth picking up.

Bugut will stop and sit down for a while at the Dueling Peaks Stable.[2] He has fond memories of his childhood at the Dueling Peaks Stable, where he use to go mountain climbing.[3] While Bogut is an adventurer, he certainly has passion for mountain climbing, regularly commenting about the cliffs that are in the various areas of Hyrule.[4][5][6]

When Bugut arrives at at Kakariko Village, he will stop to sit down at the Shuteye Inn, but he won't spend the night. He comments that Kakariko Village is a great place to buy good food and clothing, but can be pricey.[7] In particular, he is eyeing the Stealth Chest Guard piece of armor from the Enchanted armor shop. Although Bugut seems just as interested in the shop owner Claree, as the item itself.[8]

Throughout his travels, Bugut will regularly give Link directions to nearby locations as well as comment about any nearby attractions.[9][10][11]

Products & Prices

Material Icons Quantity Price
Staminoka Bass.png
Bright-Eyed Crab.png

Rainy Day Specials

Material Icons Quantity Price
Endura Shroom.png
Endura Carrot.png

Tears of the Kingdom

Bugut can be found in Kakariko Village, near the Shuteye Inn. He asks Link if he came to see the Ring Ruins, and advises him to speak with the Zonai Survey Team or the village chief. Bugut has an extreme fear of heights, so he can only look at the Ring Ruins from afar. He wishes he could see the writing about the ancient Hyrule that is written on them. This conversation begins the A Trip through History Side Quest.




  1. We're right near the stable. I can see by that look in your eyes that even if you rest the night, you won't stay for long. I know what it's like to hear the sound of adventure calling your name. I'm selling a few things I've picked up in my travels. Doesn't cost to look! - Bugut
  2. We're right near the stable. I can't wait to rest these old bones. - Bugut
  3. When I was a young lad, I used to use Dueling Peaks Stable as a base for when I'd go mountain climbing. - Bugut
  4. Take a look at these cliffs. So steep, so treacherous. Back in my day, I wouldn't have hesitated to climb right up 'em. - Bugut
  5. Climbing and running are hard work, and you'll want foods that boost your stamina on-hang to keep you from tuckering out. - Bugut
  6. Climbing cliffs is a challenge on a rainy day. Just find yourself a place to hold up 'til it passes. - Bugut
  7. Kakariko Village is a great place if you like good food and fashion. There are some rare finds there, if you've got cash. - Bugut
  8. The stealth chest guard masks your movements and makes it hard for monsters to spot you. It'd come in real handy when I'm on the road, but at that price, it's out of my reach...just like the cutie who sells it. - Bugut
  9. Kakariko Village is just a short jump to the north of the bridge, but the road to Hateno Village, to the east, is very long. You want my advice, you'd buy stuff that fills you with vigor, you know? Give you the stamina you need. - Bugut
  10. If you're headed for Hateno Village, it's over the bridge then to the east. But if you're going by foot, it's quite a trek. - Bugut
  11. I'm real curious about that strange fountain. If you decide to check it out, make sure you're prepared for the trip. - Bugut