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Brokka is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

She can be found walking back and forth from the Dueling Peaks Stable, across the Kakariko Bridge, and all the way to Kakariko Village. If Link spots her while on the road, she will occasionally give Link directions on how to reach Kakariko Village, Hateno Village, and the Dueling Peaks Stable.[1][2]

Brokka has a passion for mining ore and encourages Link to use a Hammer when mining, as opposed to using Bombs. However, she does state that Bombs are very effective when mining, but just that it makes her uncomfortable.[3][4][5] She references that there is a lot of ore up on the Dueling Peaks.[6]

She is fascinated about rare gems, in particular Ruby and Sapphire. She often talks about their rarity and their value when sold.[7][8][9][10] While her love for gems is apparent, she seems to like the money that they are worth, more than the gems themselves.[11]

Brokka wields a Hunter's Shield and Traveler's Sword, but she will never use it in combat. If enemies such as Stalkoblin appear, Brokka will run away from them. If Link fights them and then speaks with Brokka, she will give in a meal as a show of gratitude.[12][13]




  1. To get to Kakariko Village, follow the roads north. - Brokka
  2. The Dueling Peaks Stable is to the south, and Hateno Village is to the east. Make use of your map while you're traveling. - Brokka
  3. I know this may seem a little random, but have you got a hammer? It'll be helpful to have one if you're gonna collect ore. Some people use explosives instead, though... It's really dangerous, but they still do it. Just... Please don't use explosives near me, OK? - Brokka
  4. Some people use bombs... But hammers are the best for mining. - Brokka
  5. Have you got some experience handling dangerous items? Like...bombs? There's a ton of high-quality ore around here, and bombs can be used to mine it quickly. Plus, there'll be a cool explosion. Just... Don't set the bombs off near me, OK? - Brokka
  6. You can dig up a bunch of ore on Dueling Peaks! Now that I think about it, I should use a hammer to mine that ore! - Brokka
  7. Hmm... I don't know how interested you'd be to hear about this, really... Oh, what the heck! I wanted to talk about gems! Still interested? Maybe not, but... What would say if I told you that you can sell gems at ridiculously high prices! Interested now? - Brokka
  8. Even if the sight of gems doesn't spur you to action, I'm sure the sight of what they sell for will! - Brokka
  9. ... Oh, yikes! I'm sorry! I was having such a beautiful daydream, I was completely zone out... Thinking about rubies and sapphires... Those two gems can be sold at really high prices! They're some of the best gems to sell for serious money!! ...Sorry. I just get so carried away when it comes to gems... - Brokka
  10. The best way to realized a gem's true value is by selling it! Rubies and sapphires sell for a high price! Better to sell than hold on to them until you're old and gray! - Brokka
  11. I love pretty much everything that sparkles... Stars in the night sky... The shimmer off a lake... Gems... Oh, gems, I'd pick you over everything else! ...Because I cann you at a high price and be rolling in money! *sigh* I love things that sparkle so much. - Brokka
  12. Shh! Looks like there are still some monsters about... - Brokka
  13. I thoughout for sure I was done for, but I somehow managed to narrowly escape death! This is to show my thanks! - Brokka