A Link to the Past Warps
A total of nine warp points are found throughout the Light World. They lead to the Dark World.

Warp List

 Warp #1
 - After defeating Agahnim for the first time, the gate leading into Hyrule Castle becomes a portal into the Dark World. Simply walk through it to get into the Dark World.

 Warp #2
 - This'll be the first actual tile you'll encounter in the game. You have to go into it and use the Magic Mirror afterwards to get to the top of Death Mountain. It is located at the foot of the Tower of Hera.

 Warp #3
 - Go north from Kakariko Village. You can use the Titan's Mitt from Gargoyle's Domain, or simply go into the Lost Woods and hammer down the stakes from the other side.

 Warp #4
 - South of the area with the Eastern Palace is a tile. Use the Magic Hammer to push down the stakes and go into it.

 Warp #5
 - This one is in the northwestern corner of the swamp area in central southern Hyrule. Smash the stakes with the Magic Hammer and step onto it.

 Warp #6
 - There is a tile on the island at the middle of Lake Hylia. Stepping onto this one below the black rock will get you access into the Ice Palace. The Titan's Mitt is required.

 Warp #7
 - Play the Flute and warp to the desert. Lift up the black rock and step into the tile to get into the Swamp of Evil. Misery Mire is here, and there is no other way to get into this area.

 Warp #8
 - At the lower parts of Death Mountain, lift up the black rock with the Titan's Mitt from Gargoyle's Domain to find a tile below it.

 Warp #9
 - Go east from the Tower of Hera and lift up the big black rock. Smash down the stakes in the right order (listen for the sounds) to make the tile appear. This will grant you access to Turtle Rock.