Zora River

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This article is about the river from Breath of the Wild. For the river from other games, see Zora's River.
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The Zora River is a waterway from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Zora River is one of the main sources of water for most of Hyrule, taking water from the Ruto Lake and Lanayru Great Spring region, and allowing it to flow westward, the main path to Zora's Domain runs alongside it. The river eventually merges with the Rutala River near the Millennio Sandbar, with the water continuing into the Hylia River, which flows all the way to Lake Hylia. Along the way, the Zora River passes under several notable bridges, including Luto's Crossing, the Oren Bridge, and the Inogo Bridge.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Solve the block puzzle.

Solve the block puzzle using Magnesis to get the seed.