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Artwork of a Tokay





The Tokay are a race from Oracle of Ages. They live on Crescent Island, located off the south-eastern shores of Labrynna. They value the possessions and are known to be deceitful. The Tokay are also expert gardeners.

Link first encounters these human-like, reptilian creatures in the Past after completing the second dungeon,the Wing Dungeon, and obtaining the necessary items to build a raft and navigate the seas to get there. While attempting to sail to the island, Link gets caught up in a storm and ends up shipwrecked on Crescent Island, where a group of Tokay steals his items, including the Seed Satchel, Shovel, Power Bracelet, Harp of Ages, and Flippers. While strategically navigating the island, Link must go back and forth through time in order to obtain all of his items back.

Since the Tokay have never seen anything beyond their island, they believe Link is a Tokay without a tail. They refer to him as a Strange Tokay.

One of the Tokay located on Crescent Island is a cook who is sick and has a stuffy nose, which means he cannot smell or taste anything he cooks. As part of the Trading Sequence, Link can bring this Tokay the Stink Bag, which he obtains from ??? in Lynna Village. The smell of the bag's contents is so strong that it instantly clears up the Tokay cook's sinuses. He then cooks and gives Link the Tasty Meat, the next item to be traded in the Trading Sequence to the Happy Mask Salesman.

Present-day Crescent Island is also the location of the third dungeon on Link's adventure, the Moonlit Grotto, which he gains access to after obtaining all of his stuff. The Tokay view the statue entrance to Moonlit Grotto, which resembles a head, as their guardian.

In the past, the Tokay play a game called Wild Tokay, where they throw chunks of meat at the passing Tokay without missing one or they'd have to start over. If this is done successfully, the Tokay win prizes. In the present time, there is only a museum in memory of the game.