Skyview Temple

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This is Skyview Temple, a structure
constructed in ancient times. You can
expect to encounter many mechanisms
designed to keep intruders at bay.
When you find yourself unable to
continue, press [C] to look around.
It will certainly help you find your way

The Skyview Temple is the first Dungeon in Skyward Sword. It is located deep within Faron Woods, past the Deep Woods. In order to enter the temple, Link must strike a small crystal in the ceiling of the entrance of the dungeon.

The environment of the dungeon itself is rather eerie and mysterious. Random enemies sprout around the area, like Skulltula and Keese. Because the dungeon is located in a forest, it is naturally associated with the elements of a forest, containing a wide variety of flora and fauna. This includes the blue, glowing mushrooms that provide Mushroom Spores, in addition to the ferns, vines, ivy, and leaves that are scattered around the area. The music is tense, leaving one to wonder whether or not the location is naturally safe. The eminence of light gives it even more of an eerie effect. The architecture of the dungeon constitutes its diversity, but also its dynamic contrast with other dungeons from the series, making the Skyview temple fairly unique.

Several of the puzzles in the first areas of the dungeon involve striking crystals and raising water levels to obtain items and Treasures. The dungeon item contained in this dungeon is obtained in their first area, the Beetle. The second area of the dungeon contains several Beetle-based puzzles. The mini-boss of this dungeon is the Stalfos.

The final area of the temple has vine puzzles, in addition to other hindrances.



Main article: Ghirahim

When Link walks through the door he is introduced to Demon Lord Ghirahim , the dungeon's Boss, and primary antagonist of the game.