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Penn is a Rito found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom


— Penn's standard goodbye.

Penn can be found first at Lookout Landing, standing right next to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. He'll congratulate Link on being the first person to get launched from the Skyview Tower.[1]

Penn works for the Lucky Clover Gazette, where he is a writer and is currently working on the Skyview Towers being activated.[2] Penn will then take off and fly back to Rito Village.

Link can speak with him at the Lucky Clover Gazette, where Traysi will make Penn and Link partners. Traysi asks that the two visit the stables across Hyrule to obtain information about Princess Zelda sightings and other weird occurrences. This begins the Potential Princess Sightings! side adventure, and will cause Penn to show up at any stable Link reaches.


  1. "Well, look at this. You're the one I saw flying around the sky. It's great to meet the first one to ever be launched from a Skyview Tower. A real historic moment." — Penn, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "I'm Penn, by the way. I work for the Lucky Clover Gazette. I'm writing an article about this event, so folks everywhere will know about the Skyview Towers being activated!" — Penn, Tears of the Kingdom