A Gift for My Beloved

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A Gift for My Beloved



Speak with Manny in Hateno Village


Find Out What Prima Likes
Give 10 Restless Crickets to Manny


Silver Rupee (Green-rupee.png 100)


A Gift for My Beloved is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.


Manny is leaning against a post during the day, by the small stable in front of The Great Ton Pu Inn at Hateno Village. During the evening, he stands just the front door of his house, across from the Kochi Dye Shop.


  • Speak to Manny to start the quest. He has a romantic interest in Prima and wants to know what gift to get for her.
  • Speak with Prima, the owner of the Great Ton Pu Inn. You need to walk around to the side of the counter to talk personally with her, otherwise she will treat you as a customer. She is thrown off by Link's question and states that she likes Restless Crickets and hopes to one day have 100 of them.
  • Speak with Manny and give him this information. He will then task Link with helping him collect 10 Restless Crickets.
  • Restless Crickets are found all throughout Hyrule, wherever there is tall grass. The Ovli Plain northwest of Hateno Village is probably the closest place with a lot of grass, and it is possible to get all 10 crickets there. The best bet is to use a Traveler's Sword or Knight's Broadsword near tall grass and perform a spin attack. It is recommended that the Stealth Set is worn, as it will help immensely, as the crickets won't easily run away when you are near.
  • You also can find the Restless Crickets in the grass as seen in the picture.
Restless Crickets can be found here
  • Return to Manny with the crickets, and as your reward, he will give Link a Silver Rupee.

Tip: If you have done the Slated for Upgrades Side Quest and have the Sheikah Sensor +, take a picture of a Restless Cricket and set it as your Sensor+ target for help in finding more of them.

Bonus Tip: Taking a picture of a cricket can be a pain and almost more annoying than just finding them in the first place. If you have done the Sunshroom Sensing Side Quest as well, you can talk to Symin at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and purchase creatures pictures for your compendium (at 100 rupees each, getting a random picture each time, can buy in bulk if desired) until you have a picture of a Restless Cricket. You can then set it as your Sensor+ target for help in finding them.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

You delivered the 10 restless crickets to Manny and received a reward.

He confessed that he was the one who wanted to catch Prima's eye. His plan now is to find the other 90 restless crickets on his own and present them to Prima when he asks her out on a date.

It seems you're off the hook...