West Gerudo Underground Ruins

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West Gerudo Underground Ruins

West Gerudo Underground Ruins is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

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The West Gerudo Underground Ruins can be found south of the Mayamats Shrine hidden under a giant skeleton. The entrance is a small hole blocked by a rock that can be broken with a Bomb Flower.

Inside the Ruins, the first room has a wall made of breakable brown sediment. Breaking this, using Yunobo's Power of Fire, more bomb flowers, or with blunt weapons (there are two heroine statues holding decayed Traveler's Claymore each, along with nearby rocks for fusion; while the sediment itself contains Rusty Claymores).

The south wall hides a gate which can't be opened yet, but with a view to a stone Treasure Chest in the middle of the room on the other side. The east wall, meanwhile, is a dead end.

To get to the chest, start breaking way through the thick sediment wall on the west wall (in the south end), which contains Ore Deposits. In the north-west corner is a Shock Like and a reach a heroine statue pointing south-east. Follow her lead and dig south. Digging just south of the way to the entrance room will reveal the bubbulfrog in a room with a Rare Ore Deposit. Beyond this is another fenced-off area to the south, and a heroine statue pointing west. Digging through this ultimately opens a way around the fence, as pointed out by two more statues. Yet more sediment to dig through awaits past a short corridor, which finally leads to the treasure chest containing the Vah Naboris Divine Helm, and a lever to open the gate and escape.