Sword Training

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Sword Training

Sword Training is a required quest as well as a Mini-Game in The Wind Waker.

Hero's Sword

After acquiring the Hero's Clothes from Grandma on Outset Island, Link can take part in the full Sword Training. Orca can be found found on the first floor of His House, located on the east side of Outset Island. When talking to him he will first teach Link the Rolling Attack, which is a pre-cursor to the full sword training. Link will need to perform a series of sword attacks, after which Orca will then present Link with the Hero's Sword. Orca teaches Link the following skills, in order.

Sword Training Mini-Game

After acquiring the Hero's Sword, Link can speak with Orca to continue his sword training. Here Orca has created a mini-game where Link must attack Orca, while also avoiding or block Orca's attacks. The game ends if Orca hits Link three times. The game will also end if Link gets the maximum score of 1,000 hits. Depending on the amount of hits Link gets on Orca, he can win prizes, including Rupees or a Piece of Heart.

While the top prize for 1,000 hits is a 200 Rupees, if Link reaches 1,000 hits prior to previously reaching 500 hits, he will get the Piece of Heart reward, instead of the Rupees.


Hits Reward Rank
50 Rupees
100 Rupees
Piece of Heart
200 Rupees