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Rupee Goods are collectible items obtained in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. There are a total of 30 which can be found hidden around the three continents and five dungeons, or received after completing certain quests or accomplishments. Rather than keeping them in his inventory, Tingle uses a balloon to send them home where they are stored in his attic, accessible by climbing a ladder in his home. As memorabilia of his deeds and accomplishments, they serve no practical function individually and cannot be sold.

List of Rupee Goods

Name Description Location
01 Rupee Poster This poster declares: "Come to Rupeeland! Happiness awaits you." Hometown Prairie

Received from Uncle Rupee after throwing a total of 1650 Rupees into the Western Pool to raise the Rupee Tower a second time, to a height of 10m.

02 Gold Shark Teeth Among fashionable sharks this is the must-have item of the season. Pirate Hideaway

Upon reaching B2, use the raft and get off on the next stop. Up the stairs, there's a dead end with a bomb and a crack on the northern wall. Throw the bomb at the crack to create a small hole, then send in a small bodyguard to retrieve the Gold Shark Teeth.

03 Sea-Weed Notes The currency of the sea. When a squid wants to buy starfish, this is what he uses to pay. Pirate Hideaway

Upon reaching B3, take the raft south, west, then north at the first opportunity and get off. This path leads you past a bomb to a wall with a crack. Throw the bomb at the crack to create a small hole, then send in a small bodyguard to retrieve the Sea-Weed Notes.

04 Wood Fish Wooden drum used when surrounding Fish Rock to pray for a good catch. Pirate Hideaway

After collecting the three Pirate Items and returning to the First Mate, go down three levels to reach B4, then take the path to the west to reach a locked door. Use a medium bodyguard to pick the lock, then go down the stairs.

05 Moo Moo Parasol Used by rich women down on the farm. Believed to be the oldest use of an animal print design. Lon Lon Meadow

Far to the north, just west of the Tomato Scarecrow, there's a small elevated area with a single spot of dirt. Use the Shovel on that spot to reveal a secret grotto where this Rupee Good hides.

06 Waterfall Fish A fish struggling against the flow of the river symbolises success against the odds. Deku Forest

In the area where Tingle first encounters Junglo, there's a waterfall concealing a cave. Enter the cave and head east, using the small hole in the ground above as a guide.

07 Fortune Leaf Will your life be a success or end in failure? You can see your destiny written in this leaf. Deku Temple

After opening all the ladders on B1, take the northwest ladder to B3. Use a medium bodyguard to pick the lock on the far east side of the area.

08 Rupee Tree People in Rupeeland celebrate special days by hanging rupees from giant fir trees. Deku Temple

After opening all the ladders on B1, take the southeast ladder to B4. Use a large bodyguard to break the boulder just past the black Walking Flowers.

09 Pink Lotus Ideal for meditation, put this by your bed when you sleep and you might attain enlightenment. Steamy Marsh

Use a Nitro Bomb to destroy the large rock on the small peninsula on the far east side of the map.

10 Kid Toadstool Came to the city to seek his fortune, but sadly success has always eluded this young toadstool... Gooey Swamp

The southwest corner of the map notably features eight large mushrooms in a square surrounding an Obelisk. However, the northwest mushroom isn't actually there. Instead, there's a small patch of dirt. Use the shovel to reveal a secret grotto where the Kid Toadstool hides.

11 Prospector Bug Said to collect gold from river beds to make gold balls but it looks like a regular dirty bug. Insect Cavern

On B4, after passing through Secret Corridor 4, there's a second pitch-black maze. Work your way to the southeast corner and use a large bodyguard to break the boulder.

12 Cobweb Tights These attract a lot of attention at parties. They look great, but aren't ideal in winter... Insect Cavern

After navigating the first pitch-black maze and reaching B3, head north and use a Tingle Bomb on the cracked wall to create a small hole. Then send a small bodyguard in to retrieve the Cobweb Tights.

13 Bug Eye Glasses Wear these and 1 rupee looks like 100! It's the quickest and easiest way to feel rich... Insect Cavern

On B2 on the way to the third insect head, there's a room with a scale and a door. Follow the path to the east, and use a large bodyguard to break the boulder.

14 Bronze Butterfly If you like butterflies, this is delightful. If you don't, it's just really ugly. Gooey Swamp

Received from the Chief Explorer in return for giving him the Blue Butterfly, Red Butterfly, and Yellow Butterfly.

15 Millionaire Doll With its silver body and diamond eyes this doll embodies wealth. Icy Plain

Received from Snow Father in return for giving him the Snow Eyes, Snow Hat, Snow Moustache, and Snow Scarf.

16 Spender Emblem This coat of arms celebrates the glory of being a big spender. Port Town

Paul and the Old Gent appear in Port Town after rescuing them from Icy Plain. The Old Gent gives the Spender Emblem in return for giving him Paul's lost items: Royal Candy, Star Badge, and Trading Card.

17 Lighthouse Cap Human Lighthouses used to wear this hat to guide merchant vessels and pirate ships to shore. Sunshine Seashore

Found on a peninsula on the west side of the northeast quadrant. Use a Tingle Bomb to destroy the cracked rock blocking the way.

18 Silk Rope Belonged to a climber who insisted on the best equipment. Beautiful rope that snapped instantly. Mount Desma

After climbing the inside of the mountain, drop down the ledge by the Nidorian plant.

19 Magma Ball Use in the bath for instant hot water, smooth skin and relief from aches and pains! Desma's Labyrinth

Upon reaching B4, head south where there's a chest with 4,100 Rupees. Fall off the ledge to the east to land on an elevated platform on B5, then go down the ladder to B6.

20 Dragon Fry A legendary snack for the true gourmet. Take one small dragon, fry it in batter and enjoy! Desma's Labyrinth

Past the four dragon statues on floor 3, climb the ladder to floor 4 and use a medium bodyguard to pick the lock.

21 Human Doll A slightly odd-looking human-shaped doll which a fairy child had her mother make for her. Fairy Gardens

One screen south of the Grand Fairy's pool, there's a mark on the map resembling the Human Doll, near a group of Thin-legged Camels. Use the shovel on that spot to find a secret grotto.

22 Piggy Bank Oinkers believe that rupees are cursed and keep them in these special piggy banks. Auros Ruins

Just past the Oinker Boss, to the east.

23 Battle Robot Attention! Battle Robot! Destroy all intruders trying to steal the Master Rupee! Auros Ruins

Inside the Rupee Shrine, enter the door to the west. After opening the chest, the statues will come alive and attack Tingle.

24 Pickaxe This is a sharp tool: don't play around with this or you risk a serious injury. Sunshine Seashore

After building bridges between all the areas on each continent, return to Sunshine Seashore to build one last bridge to reach the Foreman, who gives Tingle the Pickaxe.

25 Master Pen Belonged to the Master Mapper who died before completing his life's work: mapping the whole world. Port Town

Received from the Map-Seller after buying back every completed map.

26 Merchant Fan Decorated with the six merchant rules: clean teeth, smile, shave, be persistent, lie and cheat. Cape Treasure

Received from the Merchant after selling him at least one of every Local Specialty.

27 Super Chef Hat Only to be worn by the very best chefs. Hard to keep balanced, but looks great. Port Town

Received from the Chef after collecting all 31 Recipes.

28 Crown Bottle Cap This is an ideal cap for a bottle big enough for a person to fit in. Has a crown design. Steamy Marsh

Received from Dr. Bean after collecting all 23 Empty Jars and receiving the 3-Star Sticker. Dr. Bean can be found in a hole in the southwest of Steamy Marsh.

29 Fairy Doll A cute doll which a human child had her mother make for her. It's supposed to look like a fairy... Port Town

Throw 20,000 Rupees into the fountain in Port Town to revive the fairy so that Chiko can see it. Then talk to Chiko's Mum to receive Chiko's Fairy Doll since she doesn't need it anymore.

30 Oink Flowers Oinker brides throw these at weddings. Catch one and you will never get married... Auros Ruins

Retrieve the Oinker Tiara from the Oinker Boss and return it to the Oinker couple in the Bodyguard Saloon. Then use a bottle of Tingle Fireworks to celebrate the wedding, and Oinky Eve will reward Tingle with the Oink Flowers.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Collecting all 30 Rupee Goods allows Tingle to open a door in the Rupee Shrine within Auros Ruins, where he meets Pinkle face-to-face. With the power of the Rupee Goods, Tingle frees her from Uncle Rupee's curse, restoring her fairy powers. She then assists Tingle in his final battle with Uncle Rupee, and an alternate ending ensues.