Port Town

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Port Town is a location found in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.


Port Town is located in Hometown Prairie to the right of Tingle's house. In Port Town, Tingle can sell his items to the different shop owners to earn Rupees. The first time Tingle wants to enter Port Town, the Town Guard won't let him in unless he pays him at least 5 Rupees. Most of the various shop owners in Port Town will hide from Tingle when he initially walks by. Tingle will need to pay the Chef 10 Rupees and Armourer 15 Rupees, before they will do business with him.

Other residents of Port Town are more friendly to Tingle when he first arrives. Chiko's Mum will talk to Tingle right away, but will require Rupees before she tells Tingle about her daughters missing Fairy Doll. Later Chicko's Mum will pay Tingle up to 60 rupees after he successfully finds and returns the Fairy Doll to Chiko.

The Map-Seller is also friendy to Tingle. She initially can be found outside of Port Town in Hometown Prairie. After Tingle helps her mark her Husband's Grave on the Hometown Prairie Map, she will return to Port Town. Tingle can later sell completed maps to the Map-Seller and earn rupees.