Hometown Prairie

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Hometown Prairie
Hometown Prairie Map.png
Map of the Hometown Prairie





Points of


Hometown Prairie is a country found in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Hometown Prairie is where Tingle's House, Port Town, Hero's Shrine, and the Western Pool are. The main area is where Tingle first meets Aba and the Map-Seller.


Fish Rock

This statue sits atop a spire, and tapping it will free Chiko's Fairy Doll. Interacting with it again will play the same animation, with it opening its mouth.

Husband's Grave

This gravestone is where Tingle first meets the Map-Seller, who instructs him to draw it on her map. Interacting with it displays text, "Here lies a Master Mapper. RIP." This is one of few landmarks that yields no items or Rupees on interaction.